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Choosing a Microscope

When choosing a microscope for purchase there are several factors to consider. First, you need to decide what kind of microscope will suit your needs. Are you a young student working on projects for class? Chances are you are looking for a light microscope. Other microscopes, like ultraviolet and electron, are much more costly and typically used in a scientific or commercial setting. Light microscopes are more common for basic use. A light microscope boasts two magnification sources, the objective [...]

Scientists can now convert human blood samples into nerve cells

Scientists in Canada have developed a way to reprogram human blood cells into a variety of neurons, including those responsible for causing pain and numbness.The technique will allow researchers to test new drugs for pain and other neurological conditions using millions of engineered nerve cells, which share the same genetic signature as the patient or blood donor.“Now we can take easy-to-obtain blood samples and make the main cell types of neurological systems – the central nervous system and the [...]

New bionic contact lenses could make glasses obsolete

This could be the end of glasses.Your eyesight may be about to get a huge boost if a new bionic lens makes it to market. Invented by an optometrist in Canada, the Ocumetics Bionic Lens promises to enhance eyesight to a level that’s three times better than 20/20 – the universal standard for normal vision.These aren’t lenses you pop in and out, though – the lens developed by Gareth Webb is inserted into the eye via a painless procedure [...]